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Pediatric Dentist in Laredo, TX

As a pediatric dentist in Laredo, TX, Doc's dental practice is an environment where children, parents, and caregivers are provided with the highest quality services. Our environment is honest, trusting, friendly, and compassionate. Doc's office is a place that promotes the prevention of dental problems, teaches the value of good dental health, treats dental diseases, and promotes facial growth and development. The parents, the patient, and the provider share the responsibility of care. Doc's practice is an office where worthwhile work is done and self-worth is nourished. We treat patients from newborn to age 18, and we specialize in sedative dentistry and early orthodontic treatment.

About Us

Doc began his education in general dentistry, where he won the Pediatric Award in his class due to his innate ability to interact with children. This award led him to advanced studies to specialize in children's dentistry. He returned to his native home and opened Laredo Texas' first pediatric dentistry office in 1980. Doc, a board-certified pediatric dentist, is well known throughout the area as one of the most compassionate and fun dentists in the area for kids. All of us here at Dr. Esparza's Pediatric Dental Office are dedicated to making your child's adventure into dental health a pleasure and not a "dreaded" visit to the dentist.

Dr. Esparza

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Cleaning Teeth & Making Children Smile

You want what’s best for your child – a good education, excellent health, and a happy life. The same is true for the oral health of your son or daughter. That’s why Dr. Esparza Pediatric Dentistry offers state-of-the-art dental services to ensure your child has a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Our dentist in Laredo, TX, has provided advanced, gentle dental care for decades.

Whether your child needs an initial checkup, a dental cleaning, or dental surgery, you can depend on our friendly and experienced team to create a happy smile every time. Most importantly, we go out of our way to make your child’s visit comfortable and enjoyable. Also, we serve the needs of children with disabilities, such as Autism or Down syndrome. Your child is in great hands at our dental practice.

Protect Your Child’s Mouth

Does your son or daughter play sports? If it is a contact sport, where there’s any type of “rough and tumble” play, then mouth guards are very important. We create custom sport guards that are a perfect fit for your child’s mouth and provide superior protection. Don’t take chances if your child is active on a sports team. Mouth guards are effective ways to prevent a tooth from getting knocked out or serious injury to the mouth.

It is estimated that more than 25% of sports-related injuries involved the front teeth. A properly-fitted custom sport guard acts like a shock absorber, lessening the impact of the blow. If you have questions about sports mouth guards, reach out to us today. We’re happy to help in your decision.

Does Your Child Need Dental Surgery?

It’s unsettling to have cavities as well as significant tooth and mouth problems--especially for a child. After all, nobody likes getting a tooth pulled, much less having dental surgery. Because we specialize in sedation surgery, we offer a completely painless option for your child. Not only does dental surgery address the problem, it offers effective solutions to restore the appearance and function of the mouth. If you are looking for a dental surgeon that caters to your child’s unique dental needs, then Dr. Esparza Pediatric Dentistry is one to trust. Our dentist and staff are highly skilled at restoring the form and function of our patients’ teeth.  

Contact us for a consultation and exam if your child needs dental care. We proudly serve patients throughout Laredo, TX, and the surrounding areas.


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