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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dental Office in Laredo, TX

"The Kids Dentist", That They'll Love

The prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental problems are unique challenges in pediatric dentistry. A child's fears and anxieties about dental treatment present the greatest obstacles to a successful experience. Our pediatric dental office provides an honest, trusting, friendly, and compassionate environment that empowers the patient with the knowledge and the self-esteem needed for successful treatment. Our Laredo, Texas, team proudly offers services in both English and Spanish.

All Kids Welcome

Our specialized training utilizes diagnostic tools, behavioral management techniques, protective stabilization (immobilization), in-office minimal/moderate sedation, and hospital dentistry. As a team, we evaluate our patient's needs, parental concerns, and dental limitations to assess the best overall treatment plan. We compassionately serve our special needs children, including those who are Autistic or have Down Syndrome.

Helping Kids Smile

Although this experience can be emotionally and physically challenging, "Helping Kids Smile" makes every effort to provide a fun, educational, and rewarding visit. Treating either the cooperative child or difficult child may present varied experiences in the dental setting. Success can only be evaluated within the contexts of the child's total dental experience.

The parents or caregivers, however, maintain responsibility for the management and treatment of the child and must be consulted regarding treatment options, limitations, and potential risks. Caring dentistry requires earning parental and the patient's trust. We value your trust. It is our commitment to continually earn that trust.

Pediatric Dental Office in Laredo, TX

The Services Kids Need

Our services include a comprehensive dental examination, radiographic survey, and consultation. If treatment is indicated, a complete treatment outline with treatment options will be presented. Financial and treatment commitments will be discussed and agreed upon. Our office offers an extensive array of pediatric dentistry services, including:

  • Hospital Dentistry
  • In-Office Minimal/Moderate Sedation
  • Behavioral Management
  • Dental Decay Diagnosis
  • Periodontal Assessment
  • Caries Risk Assessment
  • First-Time Visits
  • Preventive Dental Care
  • Head & Neck Evaluation
  • Hard & Soft Tissue Evaluation
  • Dental Oral & Facial Development
  • Emergency Dentistry/Dental Surgery
  • Endodontics
  • Dental Injuries
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Custom Sport Guards
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Early Orthodontic Evaluation & Treatment